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Have you been addicted to anything? Cigarette, alcohol, soda, fast food etc. Did you feel good or bad? I’ve been a addicted to nikotin for 7 years. I was a quite heavy smoker back then. That was very unstable moment back there. You know it isn’t good at all for your health, but the goddamn nicotin keep make my brain think that I couldn’t work / think creative if I didn’t had them. It was a fortune when I met my girl, Ratih, last year. No she’s not the one that dislike cigarette smoke, or occasionally remind me for stop smoking, or forbid me to smoke in front of her. She’s the one that couldn’t breath normally if there’s a cigarette smoke near her. She’s never ask me to stop smoking, but because of her I could stop my addiction to poison that  made Phillip Morris a billionaire.

imgresSeveral months ago, I’ve made a big step to turn off the subscription plan for blackberry messenger. This one device is very popular in my country, more popular than in the origin country of RIM itself in Canada. Or other first countries as well. I saw a same pattern with Phillip Morris and friend that take a cigarette from west countries where they’re smart enough to avoid them, and bring all their product to some third countries that still have many uneducated people and make a fortune out of their misery with using some pretty-face public figure.


I’ve been using the blackberry because whenever I met a new people they always ask my BB pin number, and I all have that time is just a Nokia, Kenzo series (I’ve forgotten what the series number) that running in Symbian platform. That Symbian is capable of running a Whatsapp. But the platform is just waiting for goodbye. (And now they are)

And I learned, same with stopping from nicotin addiction, say goodbye to blackberry (or other social platform) addiction is something that must taken instantly, you cannot plan it to stop it for the next week, or the next month, so on. You take that goddamn step today. NOW. And, the more important is, same as nicotin, the worst time was the first three days, you keep thinking, is that a stupid decision, and want to turn it back again, “What if I missed the business worth a fortune?”, “What if my best buddy ask me to go hangout or whatever?” etc. But after that, you are a free man.

For the past several month I learned:

  1. If someone really needs you, they’ll try to reach you, no matter what. If not, why need to bother give them attention?
  2. Sure, the total of people contact me will decline. BUT, they’re the one that most matter for me. Remeber Pareto principle?
  3. BBM broadcast message are annoying as hell, and now I’m free of that. I’m very sure the guys at RIM never meant it to be read, afterall.
  4. Group converence are made to some people that have many spares time to talk about nothing but bullsh*t, share some dirty jokes and porn pictures to kill their time as well as everybody in that group, or selling stuff. But everything comes with an exception.


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